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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Bird Flu Update
This is a cartoon from Cox & Forkum from a year ago:

Funny how the bird flu scare utterly disappeared. Maybe scare was the only real part:

I am totally unconcerned about bird flu. I am not denying its existence or that it has in fact killed some people. I am just not buying into the pandemic hysteria.

I lump bird flu (or avian flu) right in with Alar, global warming, DDT, and other baseless, unscientific scare stories. Claton attempts to invoke fear by alluding to the plague, the 1918 flu, scarce groceries, and battles over food. But he offers no evidence that a pandemic may occur.

That was my 3/29/06 take on a Charlotte Observer scare story. Look how the bird flu InTrade futures have collapsed since then:

[Source: Intrade Contract: Bird flu (H5N1) to be confirmed in the USA ON/BEFORE 31st December 2006]

I remember several, including Dr. Dean of WBT, chastising Bush for not following the European lead by buying up massive amounts of Tamiflu. It generally pays to *not* follow the European lead.

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Well it is kind of true that bird flu does seem to have died down in terms of media attention, but the number of bird flu cases have risen exponentially this year. Check out the timeline of events - they haven't died down one bit, if anything, they've increased:

And the mortality rate of H5N1 is increasing as well - 154 out of 258 cases have been fatal >> over 50% now!!More than 1 in two people who catch it might die.

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